General FAQs and Information

What guidelines will be used for judging?

All judging will follow Kukkiwon guidelines.

What is the required uniform to participate?

Any Martial Art Uniform in any color is acceptable. Belt representing rank is required and should be tied neatly and evenly.

Can participants wear shoes?

Shoes are NOT allowed for any events. However, Taekwondo shoes will be allowed, if shoes are medically required. Please bring a written doctor’s note that states shoes are required for participation. This note will need to be submitted to the Holding Area Manager prior to your event.

What are the age divisions and participant gender specifications?

Age should be determined as of Saturday, May 4, 2019.

The age divisions are listed below.

AgeDivision Name

3-7 years old Pee Wee

8-9 years old Child

10-12 years old Pre-Teen

13-17 years old Teen

18-30 years old Adult

31-45 years old Senior

46-54 years old Executive

55+ years old Platinum

All events will be separated into MALE and FEMALE with the exception of the following:

  1. Team Traditional Forms

  2. Team Creative Forms WITH Weapons

  3. Team Creative Forms WITHOUT Weapons

  4. Team Demonstration

How many participants will be in each division?

The Organizing Committee will divide divisions to be as fair as possible for all participants with the discretion to create divisions outside these guidelines, if necessary.  Each division will have a maximum of 8 participants. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  The remaining participants in the divisions will receive a “Best Spirit” medal. In addition to a medal, each participant will receive an AWARD CERTIFICATE that will display the event name and place.  (For example: John Smith, Individual Traditional Forms, 7 and under, 1st Geup, 1st place)

 All RECORD KEEPING events (listed below) will NOT have a maximum of 8 per division. Each division will be broken down by age and belt level and MAY have more than 8 per division.   For example, the Child’s division (age 8-9) 1st Poom has 16 participants registered. It will ONLY be one division of 16 participants. First, second and third place medals will be awarded.  The remaining 13 participants will receive “Best Spirit” award medals.

  1. Individual Jumping High Kick

  2. Individual Power Breaking Knife Hand (Downward)

  3. Individual Power Breaking Skipping Side Kick

  4. Individual Power Breaking Turning Back Kick

  5. Individual Spinning Hook Kick

  6. Demo Team Competition

Is there a maximum number of events for each participant?

There is NOT a maximum number of events a person can participate in.  However, a person cannot register for the same event more than once. (For example, a participant CANNOT be on 2 Team Creative Forms teams.) The more events a person participates in, the more likely the chance of scheduling conflicts.  The Organizing Committee will work hard to ensure participants will not be scheduled to perform in 2 separate events at the same time.

Where can I obtain spectator tickets?

Participants do NOT have to pay spectator fees to enter the Foothill gymnasium.

However, all NON-participants MUST purchase a ticket for admission to the Foothill Gymnasium. 

 Ticket Prices

Children 3 and under are FREE only if they will be sitting on someone’s lap.  If they require a seat, you will need to pay for an additional ticket. Unfortunately, there is NO price difference for Adult and Child tickets.

Ages 4 and above: $10

Tickets can be purchased online at http://bit.ly/CaHanmadangSpectator2019.

You can also purchase tickets (cash only) at the Spectator Admissions area on Saturday morning at Foothill High School.

Is there a fee to park at Foothill High School?

No, parking is free for all participants and supporters.

Can someone else pick up my Participant Badge?

It is highly DISCOURAGED to have someone else pick up your badge.  Upon pick up, you will be requested to sign a document verifying all events are correct and CANNOT be changed. (Changes will ONLY be made if there was an error by the Organizing Committee.  Changes will NOT be made if a participant simply changes their mind on event(s) to participate in).  Anyone who signs on your behalf will be acknowledging all event registrations are correct and CANNOT be changed. If a Master Instructor or School Owner picks up badges for participants, the Master Instructor or School Owner MUST bring the email confirmation page and sign the document that all event registrations are correct.

What are the different codes and what do they mean?

Each event is abbreviated with a different code. The codes are below.


ITF Individual Traditional Forms (Taekwondo Only)

ITFP Individual Traditional Forms Para (Taekwondo Only)

TTF Team Traditional Forms (Taekwondo Only)

ICFWO Individual Creative Forms without Weapons

ICFWW Individual Creative Forms with Weapons

TCFWO Team Creative Forms without Weapons

TCFWW Team Creative Forms with Weapons

ICB Individual Creative Breaking

ICBP Individual Creative Breaking Para

IJH Individual Jumping High Kick

IPKH Individual Power Knife Hand (downward)

IPSSK Individual Power Skipping Side Kick

IPBK Individual Power Back Kick

ISHK Individual Spin Hook Kick

DEMO Demo Team Competition

OBCO Obstacle Course

What do I need to bring to Participant Check-In?

Upon completion of your online registration, you will receive an email confirmation with all your events.  You MUST bring the email and identification with you to pick up your participant badge.

If there is an issue with your badge or events, visit the “SOLUTIONS” area at the venue.

All participants will pick-up their badge and any other pre-order items at Check-In on Saturday morning (7:45 am-8:30 am) at Foothill High School gymnasium.

What are the Para events?

There will only be two para-taekwondo events:  Individual Creative Board Breaking (ICBP) and Individual Traditional Forms (ITFP).  There will be many sub-divisions within our para-taekwondo events.

May Para participants utilize an aide?

Para participants will be allowed to have an aide, whether it be a parent, support worker or instructor.  All aides MUST register online like any participant to sign a waiver and acquire a badge.  Aides will NOT have to pay to serve in this role.  Aides will need to fill out everything the same as a participant would (belt rank doesn’t matter unless they are also competing themselves), and then choose the “Para-Aide” event as one of their choices. During checkout, please enter the code “PARAAIDE” which will zero out the invoice.  If the Aide is also competing, the Aide will have to pay for those events.

I practice another style of martial arts, may I participate?

We welcome all style martial artists and families to join us!  You may participate in all events except the Individual Traditional Forms, Individual Traditional Forms Para and Team Traditional Forms, due to the Referees not knowing all styles traditional forms.         

What do the different division numbers mean?

The first number of the division indicates the ring that the participant will be competing in.  For example, Division 104 will be held in Ring 1.

What happens if I lose my participant badge?

Badges can be re-printed at the “SOLUTIONS” area for a $5 re-print fee.

Can I take pictures during the competition and at the award podium?

Cell phones, cameras and camcorders are allowed in the award area.  Pictures may be taken but please be mindful of the flow of the event and respectful to those waiting behind you.  

Are food and drinks allowed?

NO food/drink/coolers are allowed in the Foothill High School Gymnasium.

What is the schedule?

A schedule is available to view online at this link or under the “Event Info” tab and “Schedule” submenu.  The final schedule will be released a few days after the registration deadline of Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Is there a Press Pass?

There are NO press passes available.  Only Participants, Referees, Organizing Committee Members, and working volunteers will have access to the competition floor.

Additional Hanmadang Competition FAQs

What does the term Geup mean and what is my Geup?

Geup is a taekwondo term used for belt ranks.  Rather than say “Yellow Belt”, a person would say “9th Geup”. Typically, the lower the Geup, the closer the person is to 1st-Degree Black Belt. (For example, a 1st Geup is the level before 1st-Degree Black Belt.) Other styles may use the term “Kyu” etc. Each participant should speak with his or her Master Instructor to determine their Geup level. Each school has a unique belt ranking system.

 A  SAMPLE Geup conversion chart is listed below.   However, this chart is NOT intended to serve as a universal chart.

When in doubt, you should ask your Master Instructor. 

Sample Geup / Belt Relationship Chart

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.58.52 PM.png

The Individual Traditional Forms, Individual Traditional Para Forms and Team Traditional Forms events may only be participated in by Taekwondo stylists who practice the Taegeuk forms.

My team traditional forms team has participants with different ranks. What form do we need to perform?

Your team should perform the form for the LOWEST belt rank.  For example, the team has 3 members:  two are 1st Dan Black Belts, and the third member is a 1st Geup. The entire team should perform Taegeuk Pal Jang (8), NOT Koryo.

Will there be pairs and family forms events?

All pairs (2 team members) and family forms teams will need to register under “Team Traditional Forms”. The Organizing Committee will create divisions accordingly. (For example, pairs will be participating with pairs, and families will be participating with families.)  The Organizing Committee will divide divisions to be as fair as possible for all participants with the discretion to create divisions outside of these guidelines.  If your team is a family, we encourage you to indicate that in your “team name”. (For example, Smith Family Tigers)

A participant can only participate in 1 (one) Team Traditional Forms Event. For example, a participant cannot be in a Team Traditional Forms Team as a “Pair” and a Team Traditional Forms Team as a “Family”. The participant can only register one time in the Team Traditional Forms Category.

This same rule applies for Team Creative Forms.  This distinction is made to ensure a smooth flow with the schedule of events.  In previous years, a participant was expected to be in 2 rings at the same time (participating in Pairs Forms and Family Forms).  To prevent this situation, each participant can ONLY participate in 1 team event at a time.

Is there a prize for Championship Team Demo?

Yes!  There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Demonstration Teams.  1st place will be awarded $500, 2nd place will be awarded $350 and 3rd place will be awarded $150!

International Participant FAQs

Do potential participants from foreign countries need a letter of recommendation from the National Taekwondo Association or National Olympic Committee to participate?

No, this is an open tournament, so it does not require a recommendation from your country’s NTA (National Taekwondo Association) or National Olympic Committee.  However, if you need to obtain a letter of invitation or recommendation to secure your visa, please send your request to info@castatehanmadang.com.  Please keep in mind all participants (regardless of country) must register and pay prior to the event. 

Do participants from foreign countries need to bring certificates showing their current belt rank?

No, they do not.  Please register under your correct geup (belt rank).  The tournament does follow Kukkiwon guidelines in regards to forms/poomsae.  Please view the rules for details.

Is it mandatory for participants from foreign countries to be accompanied by a coach or instructor?

No, a coach or instructor is not required to participate.